There are some unforgettable museums in Dublin where you can learn about the history behind  Ireland’s favorite  drinks. If the weather is not good it’s a great  way to spend the Day!  The most iconic  drinks in Ireland are of course are Guinness and Whiskey. At  these museums, you can learn about their history and  how they are made and the bonus is that they are easy to get to from Isaacs hostel.

  • Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is situated at St. James’s Gate Brewery, you can get there on foot or by the red luas line. You will go through seven floors with an interactive experience to understand the ingredients used for brewing, the history and how they make the Guinness. On one of the floors, you can see plenty of the classic  Guinness adverts.  At the end of the visit you will reach the Gravity bar, where you can enjoy your free pint of Guinness with a beautiful 360 degrees view of Dublin.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram… And use the hashtag #storehousestory.

If you come to Dublin, you can’t miss this museum.  

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  • Jameson Distillery

Jameson distillery is the oldest whiskey distillery in Dublin and has just reopened after  renovations. You can do a guided tour through the museum. They will explain the history of Jameson, how to make the perfect whiskey, the ingredients and the method. After that you will taste three different type of whiskey (an American Whiskey, an Scottish Whiskey and Jameson Whiskey). At the end of the visit you can enjoy your free drink in the bar downstairs. If you are not keen on whiskey,  we recommend trying a drop of whiskey with ginger and lemon, it will surprise you ! .

You can find Jameson Distillery on Facebook, on Instagram. Just use the hashtag #jamesonbowst.

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