Isaacs Hostel – Dublin

We have compiled a short Surviving Dublin guide for our hostellers which we hope you find useful !

On Drinking

If you are going to partake in Dublin’s favourite activity ( urrr drinking in case you were wondering !) there are a few things you should know before you begin:

1.There is no such thing as going for ONE Pint, so if a Dubliner invites you for a drink , expect to roll home at closing time having consumed at least six pints and 2 shots. You will always be persuaded to have “One for the Ditch “which will seem an Isaacs Dublin - Surviving Dublin - a guide for hostellersawfully good idea at the time and until the morning after the night before.

2.You will need to find the “cure”.  In Dublin this could be the full Irish breakfast fry or a Chicken Fillet Roll plus a Club Orange depending when you emerge from your pit. Hair of the dog is generally considered the best cure,  although this may be  frowned up on if you are working!  Here are some links to some good local breakfast joints should you not make or need more than the Free Light breakfast available at Isaacs Hostel.

3. When ordering drink you must always specify your beer – never, ever ask for a “half of lager/beer” “!  This will result in ridicule from the Barman or being ignored . You must name your beer, and in Ireland we call a half pint- a glass !

4.Never ever accept Baby Guinness shots : This is a delicious and innocent sounding combo of Baileys and Tia Maria but we guarantee, should you drink this, carnage will ensue and result in reanactment of the Hangover movie

surviving Dublin a hostellers guide

On Clothes

Dublin is pretty casual so pretty much anything goes here, however you should note that you will need to carry the following with you at ALL times: An umbrella, ski gear , wellies, rainmac , Bermuda shorts or bikini ,  a woolly jumper , sunhat and thermal long johns for the unique Irish weather phenomenon of four seasons in one day.

On slagging

If a Dubliner insults you, it quite probably means they like you! This is commonly called slagging and Dubliners will never miss an opportunity to partake. Be  prepared as you will need thick skin.  Cursing is commonplace and expected as part of everyday Dublin chatter – whatever class you are, So if you are called a feckin eejit -don’t take umbrage, it’s quite possibly because they fancy you or  alternatively because you actually are one. For further reading on slagging see here

surviving Dublin On Dublin Slang

It is useful to familiarise  yourself with some common Dublin slang phrases before you attempt response to a Dubliner (so that you can get at least get the gist of  a conversation with the locals ) Here are few samples to get your started

Gerraup owda that  Please kindly move along to the side and out of my way or don’t be feckin’ ridiculous

Where’s the jax where’s the toilet ?

 I will in me fookin  hole there’s no chance of that ever happening!

Check out lovin Dublin for a full glossary of Dublin slang . Forewarned is forearmed

On Irish friendliness

And finally you should know that we Dubliners are a friendly chatty bunch and will talk to you at any opportunity. This doesn’t mean we want to marry you or be your best lifelong friend. Just be prepared to talk back  – this is not London , New York or Paris and you will NOT be arrested for chatting with random strangers in Dublin

Good luck . Above all enjoy the Dublin craic and the pints!


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