September is a month full of interesting things to do in Dublin, from sports activities to cultural events. Prepare your best secrets, your wetsuit and your trainers because you’ll need them all. September is full of fun and we’ll enjoy as much of it as we can.


Secret exhibition dublin September FunAn exhibition that will make the conspirary geek inside you come out. SECRET explores the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy. There are different exhibits; hacking the universe, Crypto Bar, were you can pick locks and many other games and activities that are sure to make you feel like you were in a James Bond movie, Pierce Brosnan style, you know, ’cause he is Irish. The exihibition has already started and it will be on  until the 1st of November. It’s a free exhibition and it’s near Trinity College, just around the corner from Isaacs, so be sure to visit.

Tiger Dublin Fringe

Dublin Fringe Festival September FunThen from the 7th to the 20th of September we have the Tiger Dublin Fringe, 14 days of live arts, music, theatre, comedy… Everything you could ask for in a Fringe Festival. Visit the webpage to check out day by day the activities and the venues they’ll be in. Some of the highlights are going to be Object Piggy a dance and circus show, SkiddlyWup a comedy trio famous over the internet. You can get tickets over at the Tiger Dublin Fringe webpage.


Culture Night

This year’s culture night is on Friday 18th of September and it comes with lots of free events that will let you know Culture night event Dublin September Funthe city inside out. Visit Christ Church Cathedral and make a free Medieval guided tour, watch a silent movie with live music from composer David Bremner; See Croke Park, one of the biggest Sports Stadiums in Europe. The tour is a great way to get to know a little more about irish culture and you will learn all you need to know about their amazing gaelic sports; But if what you are interested in is music, what better example of success than U2, there will be a tour dedicated to the band called Dublin Differently Tour, you’ll need to book in advance, so if you are a U2 fan be sure to secure your spot on the tour.

Dublin City Liffey Swim

Picture Jason Clarke Photography Liffey swim Dublin City September funWe’ve had spies, music, dance, comedy, free tours around the city. We now need something to train our body and September is a good month to do that. Starting with the Dublin City Liffey Swim an open seas race, one of the most famous open sea races in the world. Cross the city centre on your wetsuit and don’t worry about traffic, well maybe just a little. The race will take place September the 19th.

Dublin Night Run

Dublin night run race September funAfter getting ourselves wet, and not because of rain! we’ll go for a run and there is no better way than doing it at night with the Dublin Night Run, it’s a 5km loop race on the 29th of September. There are 1,000 places, so if you are coming to Dublin at the end of September and want to participate just check out this webpage.


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