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A Rocky Adventure in Dublin

I hopped on an early DART out of Dublin heading towards Bray and I was all set for a rock climbing adventure in Dublin with :Wild Summits. Something totally new for me and worth checking out for Isaacs hostel guests

rock climbing in Dublin The DART trip itself is worth doing just to soak up the beautiful views along the coastal route before arriving at my destination: Dalkey a charming coastal village of Dublin. Upon arrival, I had a short walk from the DART station up through the metals to meet Mark from Wild Summits. He began with telling me what we had in store for the day, which unexpectedly was climbing!

rock climbing DublinWe walked into Dalkey quarry where I had never been before, and it was amazing. The views even before I started the climbing were beautiful and after an introductory talk from Mark (much needed seeing as how I was a complete beginner) we got right down to the action.

The climbing itself was tricky at the start, tough to get a good grip with my hands and my feet but once you get going the time flies as it is so much fun. We finished up just sitting at the top for a while looking at the amazing coastal views beyond. I cannot recommend this experience enough, the quarry in Dalkey is a real hidden gem and climbing the rocks in there is just such an exhilarating experience at a very affordable price.   Taster sessions are just €20 per person for 1.5 hours


Isaacs Dublin - A Rocky adventure in Dublin

Dalkey itself is a charming a coastal village with great restaurants, a heritage museum, water sports activities, lovely walks and home of many famous Irish People (including Bono and Enya!)  so you could certainly make a full day of it

In addition to Rock climbing in Dublin, Wild Summits also arrange Hill walking in Wicklow and a full moon hike ,if you fancy getting out there during your stay at Isaacs Hostel  in  Dublin


Michael ( will try anything ) Douglas of the  Isaacs Crew

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