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People can spend much of their time scouring the interwebs looking for events whilst they are visiting Dublin, this amazing little city. Meanwhile there is a dedicated community of people creating and sharing events through a handy little site called Now for the average holiday maker this probably isn’t much of a priority, as there is already so much to do and see on this tiny little island of ours. But I’ve always thought that it’s a traveller’s duty not to just see a country, but to get a real feel for the place and the people and you won’t do that by sitting on top of the storehouse sipping on a pint surrounded by other tourists

My Meetup will not only open the doors to meeting locals, but probably broaden your horizons a little while it’s at it. My meet-up covers a whole series of interests from vegan and vegetarian groups to gamers and even the national psychics of Ireland. Personally I don’t associate myself with psychics but that’s only because I hate spoilers. Here are a few of my top choices for my meet-up groups to check out

The adventure Clubs Dublin Adventure Jerks (let’s try something different)

You know those jerks that are always clogging up your news feed with pictures of them doing fun and interesting things? Well these guys will provide you with all the ammunition you need to return fire. They get involved in all sorts of things like karaoke, cocktails, hiking and even themed pubcrawls. Check out their photos because these people look like they have some serious fun

Vegetarian Society of Ireland

Being vegetarian Vegetarains in Dublin while abroad can be tough enough. It can be hard to find affordable food that meets your requirement that isn’t just egg or rice and things only get more difficult if you happen to be vegan. This meet-up will provide you with some clever ideas and recipes as well as the inside scoop on the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Dublin Politics Meet-up

You don’t need to know anything about the politics of this country to have a good time in it, but if your idea of a good time is shooting the shit about politics and chatting with like minded individuals than this meet-up will be right up your alley

Dublin games night  meetup Dublin Games Night Meet-up

I’ve seen these guys around and they organise nights regularly to play a wide variety of games, socialise and most importantly have a drink. They play everything from Uno to Risk and are even open to you bringing games with you to play. You can also borrow some games here at the hostel if you would like to hone your Jenga or Monopoly skills before looking these guys up



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