Longitude Festival 2015 LONGITUDE FESTIVAL 2015

If, like me, you love festivals but hate camping this is the perfect Festival for you. Longitude Festival is 3 days of great music acts playing just outside Dublin City Centre (so not too far from you cosy Hostel bed). This multi-stage, open air Festival will take place for the first time ever on the beautiful grounds of Marley Park (just a bus ride out of the City Centre) from Friday 17th – Sunday 19th July.

We booked our Early Bird Ticket already but not to worry music fans, there are plenty of Day Tickets and Weekend Tickets available. As with all Irish Festivals it is a tricky, yet impertinent question:

What do I wear?

Well the easy answer is dress for every type of weather, as the Irish skies can be quite deceiving. So I have a check-list for all of you who are new to our temperamental Irish weather.

Your necessities: festivals in Dublin

-Ticket (obviously)

-Raincoat (light enough to fold up if the Sun decides to show its beautiful face)

-Wellies (any Festival must-have)

-Sunglasses (you don’t want to miss your favourite band by getting blinded by that pesky sun)

-Sun cream (If you have Irish skin, this has to be top of the list unless you like rocking the lobster look)

-Mobile Phone (just in case you lose any of your friends OR pick a meeting point at the beginning of the festival so you can all meet back up later) and all important Selfies

Just in case Longitude Festival Dublin  you’re not sold already here’s a little taster of the amazing acts set to play:

Chemical brothers. Alt J, Yeah Yeahs, James Blake. The Vaccines, Caribou and home grown Wicklow Lad who made it big this last year Hozier (who headlines the main stage on Friday) Check out all the gigs at www.longtitude.ie

The Hostel is pretty much booked up for Friday and Saturday but we do have a few beds for Sunday Night the 19th, nothing beats coming back from a long day at a muddy festival to Isaacs hot showers, Sauna at Isaacs Hostel Sauna, chill out common rooms and clean beds so you can rest up after a hard day’s night

Getting there are few options from the City Centre include the number 16 bus from O Connoll Street, Dublin or the Marathon Shuttle which is ‚10 when booked online and picks up from St. George’s Quay

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