We love travelling and seeing new things, even going on a tour more than once. There are so many possibilities to do day tours from Dublin City that it’s difficult to choose just one. Here are some ideas for a day tour from Dublin, different destinations and different means of transport.

Part 1 Tour 1: Kilkenny and Glendalough (Wild Rover)

A Medieval City and a Monastic City in the same tour? It is possible thanks to Wild Rover’s tour. You get to see Kilkenny, one of the best preserved Medieval Cities in Europe. You can either see Kilkenny at your own pace or visit The Dunmore Caves. We decided to walk around Kilkenny to discover it’s wonderful hiden spots. We visited The Castle Gardens, The Black Abbey, The Cathedrals and walked the river Nore walk. All in 3 Hours! And we even had time to spare and enjoy a lovely hamburger at The Field, Kilkenny’s oldest Bar.

Kilkenny City Castle Wild Rover Tour  Kilkenny City day tour Castle Gardens

Kilkenny City St. Canice's Cathedral and Tower Day Tour Kilkenny City Street Day Tour Kilkenny City Tour  Kilkenny City Tour Black Abbey

Castle view from the River Nore walk Kilkenny City Kilkenny City Saint Mary's Cathedral Day Tour

After the gorgeous city of Kilkenny we went to the Wicklow Mountains, up to the Sally Gap and down to the Monastic city of Glendalough. Glendalough is a 6th Century  Monastic city where you have 7 churches inside the city’s wall and another one near the upper lake. Take the guided tour of Glendalough, you’ll learn lots about this city and understand a little bit better Irish history. It’s an amazing tour with lots of beautiful picture opportunities. And if you are not afraid of cold water you can swim in the upper lake, surrounded by mountains and really nice greenery.

Glendalough hike upperlake  One day tour from Dublin  Monastic City Day tour  Day tour from Dublin Glendalough

DSC_1361 DSC_1350

DSC_1345 DSC_1351

You will also see different filming locations for movies like Braveheart (Yes! the scots in the movie battled on Irish ground), Excalibur, The Tudors…

This tour is €33 for adults and €28 for students with a valid ID card. A very nice value for money tour that lets you see gorgeous places with lots of history behind them.

And talking about historic places after Kilkenny we went to see a place older than the Pyramids. We might be small but we are full of history.

Part 1 Tour 2: Newgrange and Hill of Tara (Grayline)

Visit Newgrange, a designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to Grayline, one of the few to have their own times to enter the tomb. Because yes, Newgrange is the oldest Neolithic burial chambers in Europe and it even predates the Egyptian pyramids. You get a guided tour in the tomb and get to see how it feels to be inside the Burial Chamber during the winter solstice. It’s an amazing building that has never had any leaks, and it’s around 5000 years old.

Day tour from Dublin Burial chambers Day tour from Dublin Neolithic Tomb Day tour From Dublin

Day tour from Dublin Newgrange Grayline Day tour from Dublin Newgrange Boyne Valley Day tour from Dublin

We also visited The Hill of Tara, the legendary seat of the High Kings of Ireland. This is were they would have the big baquets and parties, and where every County King in Ireland would come together to name the next High King of Ireland. Pretty epic, right? You can imagine them galloping through the front gate. Ok! there are no walls whatsoever, but you know, imagination is everything.

Panoramic Hill of Tara

Hill of Tara Day Tour from Dublin Seat of the High Kings Tara Hill of Tara

At the end of the day you can enjoy a Fish and chips in one of Dublins best spots to do so. Howth is a very beautiful fishing village with some really nice neighbours at the bay. If you are lucky you’ll be able to see some of the many seals that live over at Howth. It’s a really nice end for the tour and if you are lucky and you on the tour with Michael, you’ll have the time of your life. The driver is the guide and you don’t need anyone else, he is funny and will make the tour even better.

Howth Village day tour Howth Day tour from Dublin

Howth Village  I promise that is a seal, on my mother.

You can book this tour from our reception and the prices are €34 for an Adult and €32 for Students, don’t forget the valid ID it’s really helpful, everywhere!

We’ll be back with some more tours for you to take a look. There are lots of possibilities and we are trying them out before you so we can share our experience and try to help make yours the best it can be.

Look out for Part 2!




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