Isaacs goes to Venice

Last weekend Isaacs Hostel and Jacobs Inn were invited over to Venizcia to join for their annual Hostels Meeting and Party. I (Elaine) and Helena (our reservations manager) went to represent the Hostels. know exactly how to throw a shindig, free food and (more importantly) an open bar!! Hostel workers are easy to please! Also, a great party was made even better with the backdrop of beautiful Venice behind us. This Hostel work can be hard but someone’s gotta do it.

Helena and I, after all our hard work smoozing with the finest of the Hostel elite, got to do some sightseeing. I had been to Venice on a School trip over 10 years ago (God, I feel old!) but, I had forgotten almost everything about this beautiful City. I had completely forgotten how picturesque every street and building is. Although it seems very cliché, you have to do the Gondola ride, it’s a great way to see the city from a different perspective. I would advise the evening time before the sun goes down as you can haggle the price down and the canals are quieter with less traffic. Also, on the way from the Airport, depending on how long you plan to stay, do not just get a one day boat pass (their buses are boats and you will be using them A LOT!)

We stayed three nights in a great Hostel in Venice on the island of Giudecca (only 2 boat stops from Piazza San Marco stop). They have a spacious common area with a fully equipped bar! Cheap cocktails and cappucino’s! If you’re on a budget it would be best to stock up on your caffeine fix there as the average cappuccino will cost you €8.00 in Piazza San Marco (it is good though, just not for your wallet). This is a pricey city; one lunch for 2 costs us €50.00. Just try not to go to the tourist restaurants, ask the locals (as in any city) they’ll point you to the best food that won’t break your wallet.

I have to thank for welcoming us to this great City, which is the base for their operations. Go check out their website for some good deals on Hostel stays.


Ciao grazie,







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