Sometimes the Irish weather can get the best of us – but with these Indoor Adventures you’ll be getting your adrenalin fix in no time!

Activities near Isaacs hostel

Bouldering is very similar to Rock Climbing, you still climb up walls, but these walls are a maximum of 4.5 meters high, and there’s some lovely big cushions at the bottom as well. Which means there’s no ropes and shorter climbs. This makes it much more accessible than normal climbing, where you need a partner, knowledge of knots and more expensive gear. Bouldering is easy to get into and highly addictive.

Easy or Hard? - Versestravel.wordpress.comGravity Climbing Centre is a short walk from the Blackhorse stop on the LUAS red line about 20 minutes from the hostel. The friendly staff will get you kitted up and clued in with a few minutes and before you know it you’ll be jumping down to the pad after your first climb. Go with a few mates and hang out, taking it in turns climbing the same sections or just go alone and make some new friends. The staff and customers there are all approachable and always willing to give advice on how to tackle the next obstacle. Depending on your fitness the 90 minute intro session should wear you out, but if you want you can become a member and stay there all day.

Dodgeball! - Versestravel.wordpress.comJumpzone trampoline park is a little more casual, no special skills needed here, just lots of enthusiasm. A short bus ride north of the city, the site is the biggest in Europe. It’s a huge room, filled with trampolines, simple as that. Whether you fancy a bounce around or you want to practice those backflips this is a great place to be. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make within one session, and with the foam pit you try those tricks you were too scared to try before. And for those of you with a competitive edge, there’s a couple of dodgeball courts to get into as well. Team up, or just go one on one with a buddy, there’s plenty of ways to have fun with trampolines and balls!

Jumpzone HQ -

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