hostel etiquette

We are not big on rules at Isaacs hostel as the majority of our  global backpackers just seem to get it ! Our basic hostel etiquette is ” BE NICE”  to your fellow hostellers which just about covers it all! However here are a few additional a hints to ensure your  stay is a good as it can be

  1. Coming in late ? It’s  Dublin, it’s a hostel,  people like to party but don’t be a knob ! We just  ask for quiet in bedrooms and corridors  between 11pm and 7am. Some guests may not be 24hr hour party animals  and need their ZZZzs
  2. Conversely if you are leaving early, do pack up the night before so you don’t disturb sleeping dorm mates with your rustling. Just get up and go !!
  3. In either of the above categories, it could be as well to bring ear plugs and or an eye mask if you are a lighter sleeper if  you are sharing a dor . We can supply at Isaacs reception
  4. hostel etiquetteToo much to drink ? It  happens to the best of us in Dublin but just be aware if you puke , you pay! ( to clean it up )
  5. Cooking in the communal kitchen? We are not your mammy so please DO YOUR OWN CLEAN UP, Plus if you are a good cook, it is mandatory  to give the staff a taste. Most of them live on takeaways and chocolate and need all the fresh food they can get !
  6. It’s strictly one person per bed,  if you want company then book and pay for a private room . Please don’t  have sex in a dorm , we REALLY don’t want to hear your howling and humping!
  7. Snorers – beware the wrath of other hostellers – you have been warned  ! We have a mallet here for this purpose( not joking )
  8. Say hello …be sociable … that’s what  hostels are for !
  9. If you are unhappy about your stay for any reason, would you ever tell us BEFORE you leave please so we can help there and then ?

That’s it for our Hostel etiquette , but importantly go  enjoy the mighty Dublin craic  !


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