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Not many people know this but Halloween actually originated in Ireland. Now admittedly it was a far cry from Halloween today, you know that time of year where people try to come up with the most offensive costume possible or bring sex appeal to absolutely every profession known to man. Now it is celebrated almost everywhere so here are some Halloween events in Dublin that won’t fail to get you into the spirit during your stay here at Isaacs Hostel

ghost bus tour dublinGhost Bus Tour

The folks at  Dublin Bus Ghost tours cordially invite you to have the whits scared out of you on the Gravediggers Ghost Bus tour. The tour involves some quite frankly horrifying stories about Dublin sordid history and some brilliant actors who will make you wee yourself either from fear or laughter. The tour includes a complimentary drink at the Gravediggers one of Dublin’s most loved and most morbidly named pubs, located at the very back of Dublin’s largest cemetery. You can get your tickets at Isaacs or online 


halloween at Isaacs Dublin Farmaphobia scare park 

Farmaphobia is one of the most visited and most loved attractions in Ireland during the Halloween period. Located in Causey farm in Co Meath it’s a little further afield from Dublin City Centre. Farmaphobia features a massive maze constructed from hay bails and filled with actors whose No 1 priority is the make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This year’s show also features a new attraction the highly anticipated “House of Dolls”  which promotes to be the most scary ever with a terrifying twist. Either way Dolls scare the crap out of me. There are buses to prebook from O Connell Street Street in Dublin this year on 22nd and 29th , if you don’t have transport

Isaacs Dublin - Halloween Events in Dublin 2017Castle Dracula

Bram Stoker is probably one of Ireland’s best known writers due to his captivating creation Count Dracula. At Castle Dracula you will be introduced to his most beloved character and even some personal items of Stoker’s including a lock of his own hair. Castle Dracula also boasts what it calls the world’s only graveyard theatre. Castle Dracula is located in Clontarf directly across from the house that Bram Stoker was born in and is easily accessible by Commuter

Bram Stoker  Festival  27th – 30th  October

halloween at Isaacs Dublin The Bramstoker Festival is 4 day deadly adventure of all things Gothic. Unbeknown to many, Dracula’s author was born in Dublin and the Bram Stoker festival has grown over the last few years to be a major event in the Dublin calendar with a mad programme of happenings .These culminate in a rather spooky looking Macna procession on Monday 26th at 5.30pm. So release your inner vamp, pack a cape and some fangs and join in blood letting

Halloween at Isaacs Hostel- Tuesday 31st October

face painting at Isaacs hostel

Last but not least, not to forget Isaacs annual Halloween party for our guests. There will be free gruesome face painting by our very own talented Anna from 6pm-8pm to get you in the mood for Halloween night in Dublin. We will be serving up bloodthirsty drinks and bites with a prize for the best Fancy Dress competition

Great value Halloween packages available from 29- 31st October at Isaacs and we can book whatever fright night tickets you desire !

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