escape boat Dublin It was 4pm on a cold Thursday evening in Dublin and we thought it was a good idea to venture out to Escape Boats on the Zorg Ella boat on Grand Canal Dock for a bit of an adventure!  Escape boats is  essentially a unique escape room in Dublin on a boat!

We arrived and were met by Vinnie and went to the helm where he explained  our  hostel team challenge – basically to escape a locked room in 60 minutes but solving clues

We donned our lovely blue hard hats(very very useful!!!!) and in we went.

I cannot divulge too much information here as we do not want to give out any spoilers for any teams, but every member of the team  has to put in some vital information to solve clues and riddles  to complete the challenge and escape .  There were a few surprising moments, a number of tricky challenges and many laughs were had.

We proudly cracked the escape code within 60 minutes, 56:04 mins is our time to beat!

I have personally done a few Escape Rooms in Dublin and I found this the best so far. You really get submerged into the actual story of trying to escape from the boat,  It’s very realistic and great craic. I cannot recommend it enough, a great way to spend an indoor hour or so in Dublin

If you wish to book them you can ring us directly on 00353 18556215  or you can email us at We can get in touch with them on your behalf as long as you know the time and the date. Prices are from €20 per person and it’s just a 10 minute walk from Isaacs hostel.
PS Beat Isaacs Hostel’s  time and we will give you a free  Isaacs t-shirt – you just need the photo evidence. Game on !
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