Dublin Culture Vulture?

Contrary to popular belief there is more to do on this little island of ours than simply drinking, singing and dancing. I mean come on your talking about the place that gave you James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Francis Bacon! Culture is at the heart of this city and even if it’s not your cup of tea, here are a couple of options to lure you out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons. If you won’t do it for the culture you should at least do it for the possibility of free wine and cheese.



Happenings Open Air Cinema

I know what your about to say “An open air cinema in Dublin? surely this is a recipe for disaster”. Let’s be honest though, if the Irish based all our plans on what the weather was like outside we would probably never do anything. These open air cinemas are a great addition to the cultural scene in Dublin and with films like “Amelie” and “Singing in the Rain” this is a must for culture vultures visiting Dublin this summer. Keep in mind that these are usually alcohol free events as they are usually held in public parks around the city. If you are like me and prefer a beer to popcorn while watching a movie than keep an eye out for screenings in Fitzwilliam Aquare which is a private park, but for the love of god clean up after yourself you filthy animals


Photo Ireland Festival

A picture TLP_Postcard says a thousand words and this year’s festival has thousands of pictures so that’s! a lot of words. This year there is a wonderful mixture of both professional and amateur photography on offer not to mention workshops, discussion groups and portfolio classes. These exhibitions aren’t just for those interested in the artistic aspect of this versatile medium but also could appeal to those historians among you. “Portraits of the invisible: The Irish in World War 1” covers the little known involvement of Irish soldiers in some of the worst fighting during The Great War. This is also a multi media exhibit including audio and artefacts donated by the families of those remembered in this moving exhibit



Irish Museum of Modern Art


Most people might be a little intimidated by Dublin’s modern art museum as it’s not the most accessible form of art. If you like you can do what I do and walk around pointing at stains on the walls and fire extinguishers and saying things like “fascinating, I can really sense the sense of distress in this piece”. IMMA isn’t just about stroking your chin and making “hmmming” noises like you are deep in thought, they also run occasional workshops. “Printential” will be taking place on the 29th of this month for those aged 18 – 25 to learn the simple yet impressive art of print making. Jen Bowens will be providing you with plenty of puns and an introduction to both screen and dry point printing

Email IMMA at imma25@imma.ie in order to reserve places IMMA

So go on and get a little culture, it won’t kill you and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so fly culture vultures fly, fly my pretties!!!”couldn’t resist sorry”.

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