Craic What is this wonderful little word? Well that’s hard to say, because the word “craic” really doesn’t like to limit itself. Craic is something you can be, as well as have. It has somewhat of a ubiquitous nature, it can be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. It also has this sort of “Holy Grail” factor in that it’s out there waiting to be found, and all you have to do is search every bar in the city to find it. There will be clues and intrigue like “The Davinchi Code”, actually no nothing like that probably more like “The Hangover”.

The more seasoned traveler will hardly blink at the use of this uniquely Irish word, however when used with the less well traveled, consequences can irish craic be hilarious. There is nothing funnier than two elderly American tourists backing away slowly from you as you explain what pubs have the best craic in town.

Craic is this wonderful word that excepts the nuances of having a good time. Fun is far too clean a word, kids have fun, librarians playing scrabble have fun, the Irish have the craic. The word craic embraces the somewhat mischievous nature of seeking out a good time and the chaos that usually ensues. So come to Ireland, where the drinks can be expensive but the craic is always free

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