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I know, I know, I know, another blog about the best pubs in Dublin to drink at, I hear you saying. But this time we (at Isaacs hostel) are honouring the 5 cosiest Dublin Pubs that even the diehard locals get excited about drinking in this time of year

Isaacs hostel reccommend McdaidsWinter, it can be a very nostalgic time of year. The year is ending, the reflections of the past 12 months begin and even better and bigger plans are in the early stages of conception for the New Year. But I myself around this time of year find some inner permission to just stop and play.

I both loathe and love the idea that the city insists on putting Christmas lights up in early November, shops are adamant in fast tracking our lives that we lose concept of time and Facebook constantly updating us on how many shopping days left. But after a week or two my mood swings to the inevitable. I start involuntarily browsing the shop windows for my new Christmas jumper for the mammoth 12 pubs of Christmas tour and with a little excitement. (although every year I swear to never participate again.) What is with that? I’m waffling here getting to my point and I do have one.

The below pick of cosy pubs in Dublin are fantastic anytime of the day and year, but I simply enjoy them now. It might be the cold short days, when shopping in the early afternoon is abruptly interrupted by night fall. And the thirst begins. Now I’m not talking a massive session although be careful it is Ireland. Going for just ‘one’, then you’re having a ‘few’ and before you know it you’re out on the lash getting completely locked. Leaving your Christmas shopping bags behind in one of the below pubs.

Library Bar Central Hotel

Love love love this bar. You would barely hear about it on the grapevine. It is exactly as cool it sounds. Have a whiskey there to warm the body through, Bailey’s coffee or simply a pint. Great place to go solo if you are shopping and need a rest. Write a postcard or a shopping list. Or just stare into the fire and contemplate your next beverage.


The pub is just off Grafton Street at 3 Harry Street. It can be busy but definitely check it out. You can grab a bite and observe the art deco. Renowned for famous poets to have dappled in a dribble there. Patrick Kavanagh and more famously Brendan Francis Behan a bigger drinker too – also an Irish poet who delved into short stories, novels and plays. Behan described himself as “a drinker with a writing problem” and said that “I only drink on two occasions – when I’m thirsty and when I’m not”. Cant argue with that.

O’Neills Greaisaacs hostel recommended pubs t pub for a warm carvery lunch, a quiet pint and a great tune or two. Loads of nooks and crannies. Its definitely a winner. One you would be happy to repeat. Its 300 years old so they must be doing something right.

Long Hall

A traditional pub that probably looks like it did 30+ years ago and will look the same in the 30 years to come. But that’s its charm. Very popular bar, great day isaacs hostel reccommend the Long hall Pub pint and also cosy as hell. Definitely not a tourist pub, so if you are looking for the pub the locals go to start here. Also a favourite for the 12 pubs of Christmas.

The Celt

Now you probably hear us bang on about this pub a lot. And we do. It is very close to the hostel, it’s a highly recommended pub. The staff love it, our guests love it too. It will always be in our top 10 of everything list. Because it’s worth it. We do not get free pints every time we mention it just for the record. We are just fortunately located right beside it. I would still cross town to have a pint there for sure. So yes it makes my list yet again.


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