February in Dublin

film festival Dublin

January is now officially over. The recuperating from the holidays is finally done and it is time to get on with 2014. Lucky for us, Dublin is a hive of activity this February.

One day in Dublin

dublin sun set

Arriving in a big city can be daunting. Especially when you have limited time. What do you see? What can you go without seeing? What to do in Dublin in one day?

Get over your ‘Post Xmas Blues’ in Dublin

Post Xmas Blues

GET OVER YOUR POST XMAS BLUES IN DUBLIN Though Christmas may be over there is still plenty to look forward to in Dublin’s fair city. Here’s my list of things to do to get over your “Post Xmas Blues” in Dublin, to keep your spirits up, even after all the left-over Turkey is gone and […]

Cheap eats in Dublin for Hungry hostellers

Self catering at isaacs hostel Dublin

Feeding Time at the Hostel- Read on for our cheap (but good) eats guide for hungry hostellers  Late Flight and you are arriving at the hostel starving? Early Flight, untimely hangover and need a miracle? Or you have slept in past our free breakfast times and need a nearby option to re-fuel. Here are a […]

A guide to living and working in Dublin for the first time

guide to living and workingin in ireland

Planning to live and work in Dublin? This quick guide of how to get yourself around the basics of setting up in Dublin! So you just landed at the airport? First off you can take the bus (Airlink 747 only €10 for a return ticket ) into Dublin to the main Bus station (BusAras) or […]

Dublin Flea Markets

Flea markets dublin

Dublin Flea Markets we love .. If you want to pick up some rare, extraordinary or vintage gifts in Dublin you should check some of the great Dublin flea markets and car boot sales. Most of them take place at the weekends all over the city. In most of the Dublin flea markets you can […]

What to do In Dublin this Halloween ?


What to do in Dublin this Halloween ? One of the places where you really want to spend your Halloween is in Dublin. Full of dressed up people, crazy parties and lots of live Halloween music events – you will have a ball !  The Fancy dressed crowd around the city make this place amazing […]

3 Things to Do if You Hate Walking Far and Only Have One Day in Ireland!


We like to say that we have a central location. We’re right next to the bus station, the train station and the Luas. We’re also just a 10 minute walk from Temple Bar, so you could say that we are certainly located centrally. I’m a backpacker, you jerk! I can hear you scream at me. […]