Top 10 places to eat and drink in Dublin.

Isaacs Hostel – Dublin

We asked lots of our lovely hostel guests what were their favourite pubs and restaurants during their stay at Isaacs hostel in Dublin. Here are our survey results of our guests favourite Top 10 places to eat and drink in Dublin.    The Living Room This is the place to be if you like Rugby […]

Top 10 guest favourite things to do in Dublin.

dublin walking tour

  We asked lots of our lovely hostel guests what they most enjoyed doing during their stay at Isaacs hostel in Dublin and here are our survey results of the Top 10 guest favourite things to do in Dublin.   1. Hostels Pub Crawl Our pub crawl is amazing if you want to meet people […]

Dublin for Free


Dublin is a sprawling city of much culture and activities. Most of these cost money but there are things that you can do around Dublin for free.

Top 5 Live Music Venues in Dublin

sugar club

There is nothing better than hearing live music you know and love in a city you’ve never been in before. Dublin is a city full of live music and pretty much any place with taps and a bartender could be considered as a viable music venue. If you’re looking for a live music venue with […]

3 slightly mad things to do in Dublin


3 slightly mad things to do in Dublin Want to do something slightly different on your visit to Dublin?Here are some lesser known slightly mad things to in Dublin that our staff at Isaacs Hostel have tried and tested and will be sure to awaken your senses!! Release your inner Viking on a Viking Splash […]

Top 3 Dublin pubs with music

TheCelt Dublinpubswithmusic

Isaacs Hostel guide to some of our favourite Dublin pubs with live music. ‘’Sure we’ll just go for the one’’ This famous line that has succeeded in cracking even the strongest willpower.Many a night has been had that started with good intentions to get home early and have a good night’s sleep. Then, as if […]

Top 10 attractions à Dublin.

Dublin est une ville très riche en termes d’attractions, de culture, d’architecture et d’histoire. Voici notre top 10 des attractions à  Dublin  à ne pas manquer lors de votre séjour à Dublin. Ces activités enchanteront petits et grands.  Passez une agréable visite !   1.Hop-on Hop-off Cette visite en bus est le moyen le plus facile […]

5 Must-Do Things in Dublin


Ah, my fair auld city of Dublin! Boasting a population with a healthy mix of drunkards and bards, Dublin is crammed full of people and places of interest. In fact, it’s so full of interesting things to do, that it’s almost impossible to decide what you, the backpacker, should do while you reside at Isaacs. […]

5 Cosy Pubs in Dublin

Isaacs hostel reccommend Mcdaids

I know, I know, I know, another blog about the best pubs in Dublin to drink at, I hear you saying. But this time we (at Isaacs hostel) are honouring the 5 cosiest Dublin Pubs that even the diehard locals get excited about drinking in this time of year Winter, it can be a very […]

Escape rooms in Dublin on a boat !


It was 4pm on a cold Thursday evening in Dublin and we thought it was a good idea to venture out to Escape Boats on the Zorg Ella boat on Grand Canal Dock for a bit of an adventure!  Escape boats is  essentially a unique escape room in Dublin on a boat! We arrived and were […]