guide to living and workingin in ireland

Planning to live and work in Dublin? This quick guide of how to get yourself around the basics of setting up in Dublin!

So you just landed at the airport? First off you can take the bus (Airlink 747 only €10 for a return ticket ) into Dublin to the main Bus station (BusAras) or a taxi if you have loads of money. Where to stay ? Isaacs hostel is just a few metres from the bus station and handy to stay a while in a clean, safe and friendly accommodation, until you get yourself organised with a permanent place to stay . It sounds like a good start, but it’s only a start!!

What next? As anywhere else in civilized world, you will have to register with some local authorities, let them know you are here , and see what they can offer you! In Dublin the first and most important thing to do, to set up officially is to register with Social Welfare.

They will provide your PPS number, which you need to start looking for a job! It’s a simple procedure with them, all you need is proof of where you are staying. It could be a letter from us at the hostel, or your landlord, or first bill addressed to you for your place in Dublin. The PPS number is something that anyone who wants to work legally in Republic of Ireland is obliged to have!! If you are staying with us, the local Social Welfare office is on Parnell Street, about 15 minutes walk from Isaacs open Monday to to living and working in ireland

Accommodation – look at websites like  for places to rent or ask the staff here for where is good and bad to live in the city.

What then? Looking for work? For most jobs employers will ask for a bank account number in order to pay you 🙂 If you don’t have it I’m sure a cheque or occasionally cash in the hand is an option, but not for long. You will have to get a bank account! With your PPS number and valid ID go to any of the four leading banks to open a bank account: AIB, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank or Permanent TSB. Setting up an account doesn’t take too much time, but the queue in the bank could be nasty… Be ready for it! All of them major banks are based on O`Connell Street, super close from us , about 7 to 10 minutes from the hostels.

Phones – It would save you money to get yourself a phone with an Irish SIM card! There are 3 leading companies Vodafone, 3 and Meteor. All of them provide different offers, but at the end of the day they are all the same! Other smaller providers, like Lyca or Tesco are cheaper and as good as them 3 big boys!! If you’re thinking of ringing your family that lives anywhere in Europe, get Lyca and tell them to get on for their countries too, in that case you would be able to ring them for free! Or try  Viber an app which allows you to call for free over Wifi . It’s a good tip !! So that’s all the basic information you need to help you on the road to loving and working in Dublin- But most important isjust enjoy your new life in this lovely country and don’t forget to find some Craic 🙂

PS the Citizens information office website also has useful info

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