We like to say that we have a central location. We’re right next to the bus station, the train station and the Luas. We’re also just a 10 minute walk from Temple Bar, so you could say that we are certainly located centrally.

I’m a backpacker, you jerk! I can hear you scream at me. I walk all the time! I’m tired and my feet hurt! I don’t want to walk further than 3 minutes, but I still want to see everything!

Well, calm down. I just may have you covered.

1. The Cliffs of Moher

But the Cliffs of Moher are on the other side of the country! Stop lying to me! I can hear you shriek at me. I promise I’m not lying though; ‘m a good guy! Wild Rover Tours have a pick-up location just 23 and a half seconds away. They operate tours to the Cliffs of Moher, Glendalough and the Giant’s Causeway, and have recently been voted into the top 10% in the world by Trip Advisor for their tours. Yeah, that’s worldwide. Take that, Cliffs of Dover.

2. Eat in O’Sheas

Are you hungry? I bet you are after that lovely day out that you have yet to thank me for recommending. If you’d like some great food that will really fill your stomach, look no further than O’Sheas. It’s a mere minute walk. No more, no less. Exactly one minute.

Bpft fhow muckt ist phid cwosfting me? you ask as you spit food at me. Trust me, for Dublin, the price you’re paying for the size of the portion you’re eating is pretty incredible. Now, chew your food and swallow it before you speak next time. That’s just rude.

But I want music!! You scream at me after you’ve swallowed some food. This place has got music, but why not take a walk with me across the street.

3. Drink in The Celt

Ah, The Celt. It’s an old favourite of ours. We send a lot of people their way, and no backpacker has ever come back without a big drunken smile splitting their face in two. Welcome to big school, folks.

The pints are cheap, the music is loud and engulfing, the company is a healthy mix of tourists and locals, and you’ll find a few of us staff members drinking by your side.

That’s great to hear! You’re my favourite! You yell directly into my ear. It hurts my eardrum, but I appreciate the sentiment.


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