Top 3 Dublin pubs with music

TheCelt Dublinpubswithmusic

Isaacs Hostel guide to some of our favourite Dublin pubs with live music. ‘’Sure we’ll just go for the one’’ This famous line that has succeeded in cracking even the strongest willpower.Many a night has been had that started with good intentions to get home early and have a good night’s sleep. Then, as if […]

Top 10 attractions à Dublin.

Dublin est une ville très riche en termes d’attractions, de culture, d’architecture et d’histoire. Voici notre top 10 des attractions à  Dublin  à ne pas manquer lors de votre séjour à Dublin. Ces activités enchanteront petits et grands.  Passez une agréable visite !   1.Hop-on Hop-off Cette visite en bus est le moyen le plus facile […]

3 Coastal trips near Dublin


Some great coastal destinations to visit, covering a multitude of towns and villages with amazing scenery and shops to pass your time whilst in Dublin.

My perfect day in Dublin

samuel beckett bridge dublin

My perfect day in Dublin starts with me opening my eyes and finding myself sitting in the middle of Merrion Square, having sidestepped the gruelling commute I usually have to make. So I lie there for a couple of minutes stretching like a lazy house cat in the morning sun I stand for awhile admiring […]