Top 3 things to do Dublin In March

St.Patricks Day at Isaacs hostel

 Just asked the crew at Isaacs hostel what’s occurring this month in Dublin and here are their top 3  things to do in Dublin in March;   1.St. Patrick’s Festival,  Dublin  15-19th March 2018  Simply one of the biggest parties on earth. Dublin goes green and is a truly multicultural city for the  five mad days of the Dublin St. Patricks  festival aka Paddy’s Day, Paddys […]

Surviving Dublin – a guide for hostellers

Isaacs Hostel – Dublin

We have compiled a short Surviving Dublin guide for our hostellers which we hope you find useful ! On Drinking If you are going to partake in Dublin’s favourite activity ( urrr drinking in case you were wondering !) there are a few things you should know before you begin: 1.There is no such thing […]

5 great walks in Dublin


Dublin and it’s inhabitants have a fierce and probably deserved reputation for overindulging, but we are also cute enough to know that an invigorating walk can be just the cure. Here are our favourite 5 great walks in Dublin.  Perfect for blowing the cobwebs out when you have taken a drop too much of the […]

Who needs Temple Bar ?

the Celt pub near Isaacs Hostel

Who Needs Temple Bar? Dublin is home to hundreds of pubs, each with something different to offer. When people come here, they usually have an idea in their mind of exactly what they want – traditional Irish music, good Guinness and chatting to the locals. Generally, they all have heard about the same place and […]