Top reasons to visit Dublin 2016

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‘’Andy, write a blog on the top reasons to visit Dublin in 2016.’’ ‘’Eh, because it’s Dublin? We still have all the Guinness? The lads are all still playing the music right?” So apparently, that doesn’t suffice. Needless to say though you don’t need a reason to come to Dublin. The nightlife, culture and beauty […]

2016 Dublin Festivals

longitude frstival

As ever Dublin will be playing host to some of the best festivals in Europe this year. Here is Danilo’s guide to all Dublin has to offer in terms of festivals this summer. Longitude Festival                                          […]


Breakfast in dublin

In the making of this blog I have come to learn many things, the main one being that you can go from one jean size to another quite quickly. Another being that food critics have the best jobs, and most importantly that there are a lot of fantastic places for cheap lunch in Dublin popping […]