Dublin Zoo – An Alternative day out in Dublin

Dublin Zoo provides entertainment for all, and makes a great break from big old stone buildings and pints of Guinness. Using the mini-card discounts available in the hostel reception, the entry price is very reasonable, and getting there is easier enough. Once inside, the layout excellently guides you through and past the animal enclosures, giving […]

Culture Tuesday – Dublin Culture for free!

Dublin is famous for its history, it’s bars and it’s music, but what about the more sedate side of life? Where is the Dublin Culture? There is a huge range of galleries and museums often overlooked by tourists who are distracted by the bigger attractions. But if you’ve got a little extra time, or you’re […]

Turf n Surf – must you be mad to surf in Ireland? No, but it helps!

‘Hey I’m Pawel!’ ’Hey everyone this Pawel, Pawel this is everyone…’ That is how it started. We got to know each other names, got in the bus and got moving. Time to surf in Ireland! The weather was great, beautiful cloudy sky and constant drizzle, typical Ireland. We had a long way ahead of us, […]